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Make your marketing MIGHTY powerful with MITA’s texting and online marketing services.

Virtual, quality, mobile marketing solutions for your whole company (including virtual events technology our clients rave about!)



We bring you MIGHTY technology that simplifies your marketing data.

You need technology that helps your marketing flow seamlessly – both on and offline. MITA’s job is to make you look good. And we must say, we’re quite good at that.

We can also help you convert your major offline events into successful online ones.

With the current pandemic going on, every major event planner is faced with the challenge of converting the real world into the virtual world. Everything needs to be seamless, flawless and done with the utmost confidence for your attendees.


What you need is MIGHTY confidence in your online events.


Who appreciates our services?


Planning a webinar today could easily involve over 100 people. Make sure your webinar flows smoothly with opt-in text reminders, automated follow-up emails, easy registration and more.


The best political campaigns have the digital game on lock. Let us show you how we help our candidate clients win with communications that exceed expectations. Marketing that converts.


Faced with the challenge of converting your major offline event into an online one? We specialize in making virtual events stand out, perform well and help your guests feel extra special.


Singers, songwriters, musicians, comedians – every entertainer now needs to also be their own marketer. Let us support you with easy, effective marketing tactics that keep you top of mind.


Now more than ever, authors have to know how to win online. Your social media, email communications, website, book promotions, online ads all have to sync up. We’re here for it.


Whether you’re a baker, caterer or restaurant / mobile food truck owner, we know exactly what you need to keep those patrons coming back: marketing as enticing as your food.

Brands that trust us with their marketing and events.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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“It has been an absolute pleasure using MITA for our organization’s texting needs. We didn’t even know we needed texting until we met Lorena and she explained the value of it to us. Now we can’t live without it! I use her texting service weekly for reminders to our membership about events, spur event registrations, collect surveys after an event and more.

—  Melvin M, Coleman, Executive Director - Atlanta Black Chambers

Just book an appointment with our Concierge Help Desk.

Our Help Desk is powered up and ready to support you, providing you with video, phone and mobile app access unparalleled in the marketing industry.

No crazy paperwork. No long lines. Just the finest care. When you need it.

Access your text message marketing on the go with

our web-based app.

Access our free web-based app and you can have access to the marketing care you need anytime on your smartphone, iPad, laptop – you name it. We designed our app to be your marketing companion online.

We’ve changed the way our clients do marketing forever.

Now it’s your turn.

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